Dimensions (H x W x D in Inches)

Weight (LBs)

Twin (one base)

13 to 19 x 38 x 75

Twin XL (one base)

Full (one base)

Queen (one base)

Split Cali-King (two bases)

King (one base)

Cali-King (one base)

13 to 19 x 38 x 80

13 to 19 x 54 x 75

13 to 19 x 60 x 80

13 to 19 x 76 x 80

13 to 19 x 72 x 84

13 to 19 x 72 x 84








Take A Look At What You Can Get!


Q: I work from home and don’t like sitting at my desk all day. Sometimes I will move to my sofa or stay in my bed. But, my pillows are not enough support for my back. How would an adjustable bed benefit me?

A: With our selections of high-quality mattresses combined along with the collections of our adjustable beds, you will not want to leave your bedroom. Our beds give you the control to adjust into many positions to fit your mood and most of all allow you to work in comfort.

Q: What are my options if I would like to add a headboard to my new adjustable bed?

A: With most of our beds, such as the {Contemporary IV, Tranquility II, Clarity II, and the Remedy III} we offer adjustable headboard brackets at an additional cost.

Q: Which of your adjustable beds am I able to get one single bed and not two XL-long twins to form a King or California King?

A: Mostly all of our bed models are designed with one piece of simplicity in mind. You have the option to choose one large single King or California King size to be delivered to you in one box that will be easy to fit through your door.

Q: My bedroom is very small and I use the space under my bed for storage. Will I be able to store any items under my bed?

A: We don’t recommend that you store any items under an adjustable bed. However, most of our beds have a built-in safety gravity release feature to reduce stress on objects caught or stored under the bed.

Q: My husband is a big and tall 7-foot man, which of these beds will I be able to increase the height for him to be comfortable and easily get in and out of bed?

A: Our Aviada has sturdy stainless-steel legs, each includes a height extension. The Contemporary IV and the Remedy III are compatible with elevation kits, which are sold separately.

Q: I don’t like how some adjustable beds are hard to clean with the cords always in the way. Plus, my cat sees it as a toy. Would I have this problem with your beds?

A: No, our adjustable beds are crafted with hidden component areas. Control cables and cords are unseen, neatly placed up, and always out of view and out of the way.

Q: I inherited an old huge antique bed that I cherish, but I always wanted an adjustable bed. Would I be able to incorporate the two?

A: Yes, all of our adjustable beds are designed to fit inside most all bed frames. We can also compare the dimensions to ensure a good accurate fit.

Q: I want to furnish my guest room with a new adjustable bed that will be strong enough to support my heaviest of family members. What is the max weight limit of your adjustable beds?

A: Our beds are made with heavy-duty motors that can lift to 850 lb. per base.

Q: I want an adjustable bed, but I am concerned that I may want to move it to another room once I complete the remodeling of my house. Do you all have any suggestions?

A: No worries! A few of our beds such as The Tranquility II is easy to fold and carry. They are slim with lightweight frames that will allow you to fold them easily and carry them around tight corners of your home, (without sacrificing durability).