Q??? Will my bed be compatible with any existing headboard, footboard, or rail system?

A...The compatibility of your bed with existing headboard, footboard, or rail systems may vary. It is recommended to check the specifications and measurements of both your bed and the existing system to ensure compatibility. In case you cannot find the specific you are looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you promptly and provide easy solutions to meet your needs.


Q??? If I purchase one king-size mattress and one queen-size mattress, how many additional mattresses will I receive for free?

A... For each order, regardless of the number of mattresses purchased, you will receive one complimentary mattress. This means that irrespective of the quantity or size of the mattresses you purchase, you will receive one mattress as a complimentary bonus.


Q??? What is the durability level of the metal bed rails?

A... At Arlene's Home Store, we understand the importance of providing durable and reliable made bedding products to our customers. That is why we specifically and exclusively only offer our customers Rize bed rails. They use steel as the primary material for constructing all bed rails and frames. We aim to offer bed rails that can survive regular use and provide long-lasting support.


Q??? Can I choose a different option on buy one get one free promotion for mattresses?

A... No, it is not possible to select an alternative option for the mattress promotion. The offer specifically entails purchasing one king or queen mattress and receiving one twin for free. Substituting or choosing a different promotion is not available in this case.


Q??? How long does it typically take to deliver adjustable beds and mattresses?

A... Our delivery timeframe typically ranges from 7 to 10 business days. We try to ensure that your items are delivered to you as quickly as possible. We are delighted to provide free shipping for all items shipped within the United States. Additional shipping fees will apply for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. We work with fast, secure, and dependable delivery services, and deliveries are generally scheduled from Monday to Friday.


Q??? What is the duration of this BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Sale?

A... Customers can continue to take advantage of the sale for an extended period of time. There is no specified end date for the promotion. It provides a long-term opportunity for customers to benefit from the discounted prices.


Q??? What is the reason for selling pillows and sleep essentials in bulk?

A... The pillows and sleep essentials are currently sold exclusively in bulk by our manufacturing company. However, we are pleased to announce that Arlene's Home Store will soon provide the option to purchase these items individually.


Q??? I had an adjustable bed many years ago and I was only able to sleep in one position, due to the remote got damage and I was not able to find a replacement. What if I purchase a new bed from you all and the remote gets damaged again?

A... If the remote control for your adjustable bed is damaged, we will be able to provide you with options for obtaining a replacement remote. We are here to help you find a solution and ensure that you can continue to enjoy the full functionality of your adjustable bed. We offer exceptional warranties for our products to give you peace of mind. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service extends to our warranty coverage, ensuring that you can trust every purchase you make. Please note that if damages are not due to defective material or workmanship, you will be responsible for replacement costs and shipping fee.