Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed steel post legs
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed charger plug
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed head up position
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed head up
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed
Aviada Zero Gravity Adjustable Foundation Bed
Avida Adjustable Foundation Bed flat position
Avida Adjustable Foundation Bed flat position
Rize Aviada adjustable wireless Remote
Rize Aviada Adjustable Bed base

Aviada Adjustable Bed Frame

$2,949.99 USD

Size: TWIN


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Aviada Adjustable Bed frame allows complete customization to adjust favourite sleeping positions. If a position is set once, the bed's memorizable feature can save it for the next time. You can change that position by pressing a programmable wireless remote control button. The best feature is that this adjustable bed allows you to customize those bed settings by speaking and giving commands with a voice-controlled app on your phone. 

However, this new adjustable foundation has a massage function and five unique sleeping positions. The massage function allows deep tissue rubbing to enhance comfort and relaxation. Those positions can help reduce body pain and provide more comfort while sleeping. Read along to get this bed's list of features and usage.

Key Specifications

  • Ergonomic Designed
  • Three heavy-duty lift motors & three massage motors
  • Therapeutic massage function
  • Spinal Stretch Inversion Position
  • Zero-Gravity Position
  • Incline position
  • lounge position
  • Headboard-footboard-rail system supported
  • Customizable bed frame
  • Preset position mode
  • Continous motion mode
  • Programable wireless remote
  • Voice Control Mobile App
  • Under bed motion-activated LED lights
  • Two USB ports on each side 
  • Deck height around 15" to 17"
  • Higher Lifting Capacity up to 850 pounds
  • 20 Years Limited Warranty 

So, those who are looking for a modern Zero-Gravity adjustable base that offers maximum relaxation and comfort can consider the Aviada Adjustable Base.


Beautiful Upholstery

Look, but don't touch! The Aviada adjustable foundation is upholstered with fabric like no other adjustable bed you have ever seen or felt. It's crafted with rare & unique designs, very durable, and high-quality premium fabric that you will want everyone to see but not touch.

Concealed Component Design

Say goodbye to unsightly hanging wires. Cords and controls are concealable and securely hidden in a box to remain out of sight. This bed base is not like the components of your bedroom. It should be the only focal point and best companion for you and your bedroom. 

Inversion Position

This position gives you an excellent full stretch of your spine and ribs, realigning your back and your entire body. Use your queen, king, and full-size bed to straighten your posture. It will provide you with an always fresh, completely awake sensation.

Zero-Gravity Position

The zero-gravity bed is the most relaxed adjustment for your nervous system and heart. In this "out-of-this-world" zero-gravity position, your body feels almost weightless while sleeping, as it stays at an angle to ensure pain relief, relieve pressure points, and improve blood flow.

Three Massage Motors

The adjustable foundation offers three massaging motors that have health benefits for deep tissue massage. It allows you to set the massaging area and the massaging intensity for better comfort, blood circulation, and enhanced relaxation. 

Headboard supported

Our beds are crafted and designed to fit inside almost any headboard-footboard-frame structure.

Multiple Adjusting Positions

With the adjustable bed frame, you get many comfortable pre-programmable positions, such as an anti-snoring position that will open airways to reduce snoring. Leisure position turns your bed into a relaxing chaise lounge, a stress-free place to remove all your lower back tensions. Moreover, the Incline position can lift your head, neck, and legs in a just right supported and relaxed position for reading, working, browsing, or watching TV. The flat part will help you enjoy the best sleep in a neutral position.

Memorizable Preset Positions

Besides the pre-programmed positions, once you discover your best position, you can customize this bed to store and save your favorite preference anytime. This feature lets you set a personal position; your bed will never forget it. Find your preferred custom comfort position, then select and program the remote to save it for next time.

Steady Motion Mode

Set your bed to change automatically and steadily into a series of positions. Let this Aviada bed take you on a continuous journey until you can find the suitable motion for your body to relax, rest, and sleep perfectly.

Wireless remote control

This feature allows you to customize your bed settings without leaving the best comfort and relaxation. You can change to your favorite sleeping position, lying on the bed.

Voice Control Command

Adjusting this bed is pretty straightforward. You can use voice control commands on the mobile app to set the bed to automatically adjust to your customized and most favorable relaxing positions.

Stylish Stainless-Steel Legs

Add a little flair to your room with this bed, which has contemporary but sturdy, removable, and adjustable stainless steel legs. Explore the benefit of extending the base height of adjustable bed frames.

Higher Lifting Capacity Motors (up to 850 pounds)

Pile it with a hefty mattress, pillows, and the entire family without the worries of being overweight. The motor's lifting capacity has improved to ensure smooth and quiet operation with up to 850 pounds of heavy-duty lifting.

Built-In USB Outlets & LED Lights

Charge your devices without leaving your bed. This bed features two built-in USB outlets on each side of the bed base, so you can charge your device and continue playing, working, and browsing. Moreover, it provides LED lights under the frame to illuminate the bedroom and make the bedroom setup more futuristic.

Gravity Release

Your future bed motor has a safety sensor feature! If the bed base senses an object below, it will stop moving to alert you to take action. This feature reduces stress so that nothing gets accidentally trapped or crushed.

Sync-Up Bases

All of our adjustable bed frames will allow you the convenience of connecting, linking, and syncing two twin XL bases. Sync the cables to enjoy the functions of operating both sides of the bed at the same time. 

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