Metal Frame Full Size Bed with Butterfly Design, White and Purple

This Metal Movie Reel Is A Set Of Five Movie Reels Joined Together To Form A Single InteriorDecor Item. The Total Length Of This Movie ReelDecor Is 23 Inch. It Is 12 Inch Tall And 3 Inch Thick. The Movie Reel Signifies The World Of Movies, Especially Those Of The Ancient Days, Before The Advent Of The Digital Technology. The Metal Movie Reel Has A Lot More Significance In Today's World. It Denotes The Passion Towards Good Movies And The Entire Industry That Has A Great Influence On The Community. The Metal Movie Reel Is A Great Way To Express Your Love And Admiration To Good Movies. The Movie Reel Is A Tribute To The Young And Old Artists Of The Industry Who Have Dedicated Their Heart And Soul For It. This Metal Movie Reel Will Shine As An Interesting Showpiece In Your Home. It Will Best Serve As A Gift To Someone Who Is A Fan Of Classic Movies.