Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base
Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base
Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base
zero gravity position adjustable bed frame
Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base
Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base front head up position
Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base head up king base
Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base
Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base flat lumbar
Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base flat mode
Rize Remedy iii adjustable bed base wireless remote
Remedy iii Adjustable Base

Remedy iii Adjustable Base

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Size: TWIN


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The Remedy III Adjustable Bed base could be your best companion during sleeping. The new electric bed frame provides all the features. you'd expect from conventional adjustable beds, offering five different sleeping positions such as zero-gravity, anti-snore, flat, incline, and leisure position. You can customize these sleeping positions by pressing a button using the programmable wireless remote.

Setting up these positions offers several benefits from the Remedy III bed. For example, the zero-gravity position makes you feel weightless, helping to relieve pressure points and decrease back pain. Similarly, the incline position raises the head section, allowing the user to elevate their upper body while lying down.

Foundation can open the airways to enhance airflow and reduce acid reflux or heartburn. Additionally, the anti-snore position reduces snoring, creating a quieter night and enhancing relaxation.

Furthermore, the bed frame features a therapeutic massage function. You can use this feature upon returning home from workshops or other places to immediately relax your body. The bed base offers personalized positions to improve sleep quality. Look no further than the Remedy III bed frame from Arlene's Home Store.

Key Specifications

  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Flat position 
  • Incline position
  • Anti-snore position
  • Therapeutic Massage function
  • Lumber support up to 7 inches
  • Headboard/footboard supported
  • Multi-Intensity Massage Motors
  • Customizable bed frame
  • Voice-Powered Wireless Remote Control
  • Under-Bed LED Light
  • Four Dual USB Charging Ports 
  • Under-bed motion-activated LEDs 
  • Greater Lifting Capacity (up to 850 pounds)
  • No tools required to bed setup
  • Customizable height of bed 18” to 8” ( includes 8", 3" and 2" legs)
  • Designed with zero clearance
  • 20 Years Limited Warranty

 Lumbar Support Section

The edge-to-edge separate section extends from one edge to another. Which provides essential support to the targeted tension or pressure points in the lower part of your spine and back. Select lumbar support mode on the bed helps you relieve pressure points, aches, and pains.  

Next Level Comfort in Zero Gravity Position

Program your new electric foundation to feel the weightlessness of the zero gravity position. It ensures your sleeping posture is optimal to reduce low back pain and is great for blood flow.

Therapeutic Massage

Tempurpedic massage features enjoy a remedial and recovery massage to enhance comfort and relaxation. Pick the length, strength, and target areas for your body massage. It helps in deep tissue built-in massage to reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation.

Lay Flat

When you're done reading or binge-watching television for the night, press one button on your user-friendly remote or give a command from your phone’s app to lay flat and return to a neutral position to allow you to fall fast asleep.

Headboard supported

Bed frames are crafted and made to fit almost all types of headboard/footboard inside the frame structure. using the headboard and footboard on this bed frame you can adjust your favorite sleeping positions, which ensures enhanced comfort.

Additionally, an adjustable bed foundation offers you the advantage of universally linking and attaching your existing or new headboard to your new adjustable base.

Multiple Preset Adjusting Positions

In this new electric bed frame, you will get many comfort positions, such as an automatic anti-snoring position that will open airways to aid you in reducing your snoring. The position supports your neck and lifts your feet for reading, working, or watching TV. 

Leisure position turns your bed into a relaxing chaise lounge, a stress-free place to remove all your lower back tensions and pressure points.

The Incline position can raise the upper body or torso while keeping the lower body flat or slightly elevated. This positioning can reduce snoring, alleviate acid reflux or heartburn, improve circulation, and relieve pressure on the lower back.

Programmable Memory

The feature lets you set one personal position, and your bed will never forget it. Find your preferred custom comfort position, then place and program your wireless remote to save it and remember it forever. 

Give Voice Command

You can adjust this adjustable base setting with a voice-powered mobile app. There is no need to manually move and set the position. Customize your bed by giving voice commands for the ultimate added convenience.

Under-Bed LED Light

The handy feature illuminates your room and sets the tone for the right relaxed mood. It is also great to help you find or adjust the bed position without needing any additional light at night.

Dual USB outlet port

Let your electronic devices charge while relaxing, unwinding, or working. This bed has two built-in dual USB ports (USB-A and USB-C) on each side. You can set up your laptop, phone, and other devices without leaving the comfort of your bed. 

Higher Lifting Capacity Motors (up to 850 pounds)

This base has sturdy steel legs that are durable enough to lift any weights. You can pile mattresses,  pillows, and the entire family, don't worry about the level of weight. The motor's lifting capacity is improved to ensure smooth and quiet operation with heavy-duty lifting.

Designed With Zero Clearance 

The Remedy III base has a 4.6-inch profile, which is strategically designed to easily fit into and complement almost any size bedroom floor plan. 

Sync-Up Bases

Remedy iii Adjustable bed frame allows to conveniently connect, link, and sync two twin XL bases. Sync the cables to enjoy the functions of operating both sides of the bed at the same time.  

One Box King & California-King Size

For those who don't like joining two XL twin beds to make one King. This adjustable has what you're looking for! This model bed is designed just for you, with one piece of simplicity in mind. Available in one large single box spring, your new King or California king-size bed can be quickly delivered and fit effortlessly through your door.

Additional Accessories: A compatible hot item accessory recommended for this bed is an Elevation Kit, which is sold separately.

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