remote control for rize edge, summit, and clarity models

This wand-style wireless remote control can be used to replace a lost or damaged remote for a Rize Edge, Clarity, or Summit adjustable bed*. Designed to be easy to use, the remote features simple head and foot controls and a one-touch flat button.

To program your remote, follow the instructions in your bed's manual. See page 7 for the Rize Edge, page 8 of the Rize Clarity manual , or page 6 of the Rize Summit manual.

*Please note that the wand-style remote will only work with beds that originally came with this style of controller. Older models of the Edge came with a playing card sized remote, and newer models of the Clarity come with a silver, rectangular remote. When purchasing this version, please make sure it matches the version that came with your bed. 

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