675SL bolt on twin and full size metal Bed Rails
Steel Hook on Twin and Full Size Bed Rails

Hook-On and Bolt-On Twin/Full Bed Rails

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Style: HOOK-ON


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Type: Bed Rails
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Hook-on and Bolt-On Twin/Full Bed Rails are one way to support the foundation of a twin or full bed. Attach each end of a hook-on or bolt-on to your new or existing compatible headboard or footboard. These metal bed rails must connect to a headboard and footboard for stability.  

Key Feature

  • Material: Recycled Railroad Steel
  • Dimensions: 74 Inches Long
  • Finish: Rust-Proof
  • Headboard & Footboard Brackets: Bolt or Hook Attached
  • Compatibility: Adjust to Fit Twin- and Full-Size Adjustable base
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Made In: USA

Feature Details

Headboard & Footboard Brackets: These metal side rails are the perfect solution to replace broken, weak, and unstable side rails. The 676HSL (Hook-On) and 675SL (Bolt-On) bed rails for Twin and Full-size can be connected to compatible ends of your headboard and footboard. 

Limited Lifetime: Our standard steel full-size bed rails ensure exceptional durability and a long-lasting sleep comfort solution with a limited lifetime warranty.

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