Standard Queen/King/Cali-King Steel Bed Frame I-PK165 & I-PK170

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Standard Queen, King, and California King Steel Bed Frame I-PK165 & I-PK170: We all know that larger-size beds are heavy and not usually easy to move to clean or re-arrange your bedroom. When the time comes to make your room look re-new, our I-PK165 or I-PK170 standard bed frames have unmatched strength but can easily coast across the room. You can choose the one with glides and don’t worry about sacrificing the stability or pick the rollers to safely roll it without worrying about damaging the floor.


Key Specifications:

  • Material: Recycled Railroad Steel 
  • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 1000 Lbs. 
  • Frame Weight: 28 to 30 Lbs.
  • Length: 70” Long Siderail
  • Height: 7.5”
  • Width: 60 to 75 Inches
  • Side Rail Width: 1 ¼”
  • Finish: Rust-Proof
  • Legs: Six (Choice Combination of Rollers or Glides)
  • Headboard Brackets: Attached
  • Tools Required: None
  • Hardware Included: Yes
  • Connection: Easy Secure Insta-Lock & Single Center Rail
  • Compatibility: Adjust to Fit Queen, King, and Cali-King Box Spring
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Made: USA


    Key Features: 

    Sturdy Steel Construction: Our low-profile bed frames are expertly crafted from high-quality, high-carbon steel and tested to ensure maximum strength, exceptional durability, and longevity, providing you with an ultimate stable foundation for your bed. 

    Versatile Size Options: Designed to fit your choice of Queen, King, and California-king size foundations, these I-PK165 & I-PK170 intra-lock design makes it suitable for you. Stable to secure any of these listed sizes and height box springs. The I-PK165 includes six glides, and our I-PK170 has four rollers and two glides, and both have a single center rail. 

    Easy Assemble: Anyone can do it! Set up is fast and easy, with no tools required for this standard bed frame; all necessary hardware and instructions are included for hassle-free assembly.

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