Ultra Soft Terry Mattress Protectors

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Terry Mattress Protector, wake up in no sweat. Sleep in a comfortable cool protection with this mattress protector. Made with treated ultra fresh product protection on each of five sides and mixed with a topping of Feran Ice. It will prevent the accumulation of moisture and will keep you and your mattress cool and fresh.


Key Specification:

  • Super Smooth & Soft Cover
  • Size: T-TXL-F-Q-K-CK
  • Moisture Wicking; Temperature Regulating
  • No-Slip Secure Fit
  • Noiseless & Invisible
  • Allergen Relief
  • Premium Feran Ice Top
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Limited Ten-Year Warranty


Key Benefits:  

Feran Ice top: Stay cool and dry while sleeping on this comfortable mattress protector, as it is made with treated temperate regulating and moisture-wicking Feran Ice. This will allow the sweat to wicker away from your skin to quickly evaporate on the surface of the fabric. 

No-Slip Fit: Choose the best-fitting mattress protector for your mattress. Your entire mattress should be secure and protected from dust, dust mites, and allergens. Our super soft and durable Terry Mattress Protector is made of brushed microfiber, to keep you comfortable and stress-free throughout the night.  Sleep well knowing a skirting of 360-degree secure fit no-slip protector is protecting you and your bed.  

Waterproof: It is very important to have a mattress protector that is 100% waterproof. Avoid liquids from spilling directly onto your mattress with a Terry Mattress Protector. Avoid stains, and marks, and keep your mattress clean and like new with this washable mattress protector.  

Breathable: Breathability is an essential element that you must have in your mattress protector. The best mattress protector will be breathable to keep moisture out of your mattress while preventing the accumulation of allergens, all to keep your mattress fresh, clean, stain-free, cool, and most of all comfortable. 

Mattress Warranty Protection: Cover your new mattress with a new mattress protector to preserve and protect your mattress from stains, odor, and insects. Most importantly use a mattress protector to preserve and protect your mattress warranty.

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