Head Up adjustable Bed base
Up Adjustable Bed Base
Up Adjustable Bed Base
Up Adjustable Bed Base
Up Adjustable Bed Base
Up Adjustable Bed Base
head up adjustable bed foundation

Up Adjustable Bed Base

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The head and upper body will get the support accurately on the base, and you will experience quality sleep with proper relaxation. With excellent lift capacity and high adjustment angles, you will feel more rejuvenated on this bed base. Set the Zero Gravity position to distribute your body weight around the whole bed ( for a weightless feel), which helps alleviate back pain, improve breathing, enhance blood circulation, relieve pressure points, and so on. However, the anti-snooze feature( for silent nights) helps to reduce snoring, alleviate sleep apnea, and ease Insomnia while sleeping. Additionally, this Head-Up adjustable bed's unique frame design alleviates Arthritis and improves digestion. Experience quality sleep by customizing your favourite position with the touch of a button—- all with our new Head-Up adjustable bed base.

Key Specifications

  • Headboard/footboard supported
  • Zero gravity position
  • Added Anti-snore feature
  • Added Gravity release feature
  • Available in Twin XL and Queen Size Only
  • 38" wide and 80" long (Twin XL), 60" wide and 80" long (Queen)
  • Deck height of 13 inches
  • Up To 850 Pounds Weight Capacity
  • Six Sturdy Steel Legs
  • Extremely lightweight frame (around 113 pounds) 
  • Heavy-duty head lift motor
  • Wired Remote Control
  • No tools are required in bed setup
  • Compatible with Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King mattress size only
  • Rest Easy Leading Industry Warranty

Getting the proper support while sleeping is as simple as getting a head-up adjustable bed. When affordability meets comfort, you can't ignore it.


 Zero gravity position

This position can align the spine by distributing body weight and minimizing pressure on the ribs, which helps to alleviate back pain, relieve pressure points, improve breathing, enhance blood flow, reduce reflux, rid of snoring, and enhance relaxation. 

Customizable frame adjustment 

With the accurate adjustment of the frame's rise angle, your head and back get the proper support while sleeping. The base power keeps you comfortable and relaxed; better sleep ensures you have a great next day.

Heavy-Duty Lifting Capacity Motors (up to 850 pounds)

 Don't worry about the level of weight, though you pile on the bed a hefty mattress, pillows, and the entire family. The motors have improved lifting capacity, and the support system ensures smooth and quiet movement with heavy-duty lifting.

Maximum Fit Compatibility 

No modification is required to install this adjustable bed frame and include this bed into most existing bed base rail systems. It is compatible with most headboards or footboards, is easy to set up, and has almost no-hassle installation.

Gravity Release

This base motor has a safety sensor feature! If the adjustable bed bases sense an object below, they will stop moving to alert you to take the center of gravity. The gravity release feature reduces stress, so nothing gets accidentally trapped or crushed.

Wired Remote

The bed frame has a remote control feature to customize your favorite bed position with a touch of a bottom. The best part is that the remote is conveniently attached to your bed by a wire, making it hard to lose a remote control.

Foldable Frame Is Easy to Carry 

This lightweight adjustable bed frame is slim and durable, even though the most extensive model weighs 113 pounds. This bed base can be folded easily, and it is also easy to carry, transport, and set up the frame on your own. 

This adjustable bed base can be folded in half, making it effortlessly portable when moving from one room or floor to another. It's no big deal when moving the bed through stairs (up or down) or around tight corners.

Sync-Up Bases

Head-up adjustable bed base. All of our adjustable foundations allow you the convenience of connecting, linking, and syncing two twin XL bases. Sync the cables to enjoy the functions of operating both sides of the bed at the same time.

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